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Burnout as a gift for Individuals

Burnout as a gift wrapped in barbed wire????

What if I told you that the gifts that burnout are giving you as an individual are the gifts of honest self-reflection, clarity, and identity.  Watch my latest video to find out more and join me for the next two weeks as I also unpack burnout’s gift to leaders and organizations.  


Burnout as a gift for leaders

I know what you’re thinking. Another gift? Yes, indeed. Imagine for a moment burnout as a gift for leaders. In this week's video, I explore the gifts of humanity, empathy and action. Watch the video below for more information and register for the upcoming webinar entitled, Beyond HR: What leaders need to know to help employees experiencing burnout using the link in the comments.

Burnout as a gift for organizations

Imagine burnout as a gift wrapped in barbed wire for organizations. Have you thought about how this time of resignations, burnout, and difficulty hiring could actually be a gift to organizations who will take it and take action with it? This week I share the three gifts to organizations.

Bonus gift to organizations: Consider learnings from both the parts of the organization that are doing well and the parts of the organizations that are experiencing challenges. Both are teaching important lessons for which the entire organization can benefit. Even in moments of greatest difficulty, there are gifts and learnings. Our job is to lean in and receive the gifts.


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