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Burnout Prevention Training

Building burnout resistant leaders and employees

Most leaders and employees struggle to identify what burnout is and how to prevent or lesson it's effects. Many find it difficult to recognize and talk about burnout. As a leader, you know that you need to say something, do something but what to say and what to do is still a mystery. As an employee who is experiencing burnout, you know that you want to talk about it and need to talk about it but how to do that seems impossible.  So, these important conversations don't happen and if they do happen, both leaders and employees are left feeling like something is missing. They just don't teach this stuff in most leadership development training and so most leaders feel ill-equipped to help their teams when they suspect that burnout is at the root of the challenge.


Burnout Conversations for Leaders is essential to building burnout resistance in leaders and the teams that they lead. The following pieces of training are available to equip leaders for success. These customized pieces of training give leaders practical, practice-based tools for identifying, preventing, and addressing burnout in themselves and their teams. Leaders will walk away with actionable skills that they can begin using right away. Trainings include but are not limited to:

  • Mastering Burnout Conversations - gives leaders hands-on practice-based training to identify burnout in team members and an easy-to-use framework for having effective burnout conversations with employees.  

  • Creating Burnout Resistant Teams - this gives leaders an understanding of the anatomy of burnout, how it shows up in teams and how to help team members to be more engaged, more collaborative, and build the team-related skills needed to be a burnout resistance team. 

  • Burnout Resistant Leaders - helps leaders to understand what burnout is; understand what leadership personality traits lead to burnout and gain proven strategies for building their burnout resistance leadership toolkit. 

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