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Payment Policy

Payment for coaching services will be made either in full or as automatic installment payments via the website[CFD1] .  

  • Failure to make timely payment will result in the termination of coaching services.  

  • Costs of Collection. If the Coach incurs any costs, expenses, or fees, including reasonable attorney’s fees and professional collection services fees, in connection with the collection or payment of any amounts due it under this agreement, the Client shall reimburse Coach for all such costs, expenses and fees.

  • No Refund Policy. There are no refunds on any payment (partial or full) once you complete the enrollment process (sign the coaching agreement, make your payment and schedule your first coaching session). No exceptions. I do this for a few reasons. (1) I believe commitment and follow-through creates momentum. (2) I’ve found that people who don't have the option to back out of their commitments get better results. Imagine that! This is an accountability program. So - if you're committed, enroll. If you're not committed to changing your life and become burnout resistant, you can enroll - but there are still no refunds! 


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