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Helping your organization become Burnout Resistant

Burnout is costing organizations millions of dollars in increased healthcare costs, reduced productivity and increased replacement costs for recruiting and training new employees.  With even the most engaged and productive employees headed for the exit, organizations need to do more than offer the typical perks to keep employees from burning out. Now more than ever, organizations and leaders need to be better equipped to address burnout.


In this interactive, Build Your Burnout Resistance talk, we will:


  • Explore the mindset, personality and cultural factors contributing to burnout.

  • Discover the 6 work-related factors at the root of burnout

  • Understand what really needs to happen to address it.


After this talk, participants will walk away with:

  • A better understanding of what burnout is

  • The difference between burnout and stress

  • How burnout impacts us

  • How to address burnout regardless of the stage

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