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Feeling the pressure of balancing work, life, and home with the needs of your team and your organization.  Feeling like there is just no time to think.  Trying to make it all work, but afraid that something’s bound to breakYou’re just hoping that it’s not you.  What if you could have a proven way to boost your performance while reducing your stress?  What if you could do this while learning how to help your team and become more effective in your organization? This doesn’t have to be a dream.


Tired of losing top talent? Disheartened by the time and money it's costing to replace them? Need a proven method for understanding what’s really behind the increased attrition, growing absenteeism, and decreasing engagement? Need to know if it’s just the pandemic or something else? My five-phase methodology helps organizations get to the root of these challenges and implements strategies to help. What if, instead of a one-time fix, your organization was equipped with what it needs to identify and address future challenges beyond burnout?

With good talent getting harder to find, keeping leaders and employees engaged, motivated and productive is more important than ever. 

Helping with the Work-Related Parts of Burnout.
Beyond Employee Assistance and Wellness Programs.

3 Simple Steps for Working with Me

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1.  Schedule a call

Begin the process of assessing and understanding the internal and external cause(es) of burnout.

2.Create a plan

Together we dig deeper and create a customized brain-friendly plan with just the right tools, skills, and solutions for you and your organization.

3.Get Results

Get off the burnout treadmill and get great work done without the burnout.

What's the solution?

The problem:

Most leaders and organizations rely solely on wellness and employee assistance programs to address burnout.


These programs are great and helpful, but the actual work-related parts of burnout go unaddressed. This is frustrating.  

Work-related burnout is preventable and fixable. With over 20 years of experience working with leaders at all levels and organizations, I know that to really tackle burnout, we need to

  • Help leaders prevent their own burnout through coaching,

  • Train leaders to create burnout resistant teams and

  • Find solutions for organizational causes of burnout.


 Let's tackle burnout together.

All Hands In

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