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Helping high-achieving, perfectionist, always-on leaders to fight burnout and improve their leadership. 

Helping high-achieving, perfectionist, always-on leaders to fight burnout and improve their leadership. 

Helping high-achieving, perfectionist, always-on leaders to fight burnout and improve their leadership. 

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Self Compassion

Burnout Prevention Training Session 1

Helping high-achieving, perfectionist, always-on leaders fight burnout and improve their leadership and lives. 

The Self Compassion Challenge

Welcome to the Challenge

Welcome to the 5-Day Self-Compassion Challenge. I know you’re asking why start with self-compassion?  I thought your thing was burnout. Glad you asked. Self-compassion is the birthplace of burnout resistance. Without it we cannot do the hard work of addressing the causes of burnout in our current circumstances and preventing it from reoccurring in the future. So, I am helping you to build the foundation you will need for a burnout resistant life.

What's in included?

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5 Day Self-Paced

Online Training


Workbook, Scripts &



Live Q & A Session

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This challenge is for you if:

  • You know that you are feeling a little or a lot crispy but lack the motivation to do anything about it.

  • The “never enough” track is on replay in your head

  • “No” is like the "4-letter word" you hardly ever say       

  • Your inner critic is paralyzingly loud


If any of the referenced statements ring true, I have a challenge for you.  What if you could turn off the “always on”, burnout treadmill and gave yourself a little compassion

Your ability to get better at being more compassionate towards yourself is your most powerful weapon against stress and burnout.

Challenge Outline

Each day of the challenge, we will focus on different dimensions of self-compassion. We will define each of the components of self-compassion, understand how they relate to burnout and give you practical exercises, so that you make self-compassion a way of life.

Day 1: Discovering Self-Compassion

  • Focus: Understanding self-compassion, debunking myths, and addressing limiting beliefs about self-compassion.

  • Bonus: Self-Compassion Self-Assessment.

Day 2: Practicing Self-Kindness

  • Focus: Exploring self-kindness, barriers to self-kindness, and daily practices for nurturing it.

Day 3: Embracing Common Humanity

  • Focus: Understanding common humanity, its role in connection and support, and practices to enhance this perspective.

Day 4: Cultivating Mindful Awareness

  • Focus: Learning about mindful awareness, its role in self-compassion, and practicing non-judgmental awareness.

Day 5: Live Q&A Session

  • Event: A live one-hour session with me and your fellow self-compassion/burnout-resistant     tribe members to discuss questions and deepen your experience with self-compassion.

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What others have said...

“Carolon made it real for ME. I feel like this was more than empty talk. I've attended similar seminars before I always hear the same old thing - be kind, talk to yourself like you would a good friend, yada, yada. I know in my head what the right thing to do is, but what I need some advice on actually doing it. Carolon gave that to me. Her words are real and understandable, not just fluff."
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Inspiration for the challenge

This challenge is inspired by the work of Kristen Neff, a leading self-compassion expert. This challenge is not just about being kinder to yourself. It’s about shifting our attention inwards so that we can do the work needed inside of ourselves. That work enables us to tackle what’s in our control when it comes to what’s burning us out. Each day, you'll explore a key aspect of self-compassion, learning practical ways to integrate these exercises into your daily life so that you can build the foundation for keeping burnout at bay. 

  • How long will I have access to the materials?
    o You will have access to the materials through the online portal at anytime .
  • When is the live Q& A?
    o Monday, February 26, 2024, 7:00pm EST. This session will be recorded, and the recording will be provided to all participants.
  • What is needed to participate in the live Q&A session?
    o To make the most of our live time together please complete the 5 modules prior to attending the Q& A session. This will ensure that you can bring your amazing questions to the live call and get them answered by me.
  • Is there a community aspect?
    o Yes, you will be placed in a cohort-based, private WhatsApp group so that you can connect with your fellow training mates and discuss your learnings, aha’s, and encourage each other along the way.
  • What about privacy standards?
    o I’m so glad you asked! I’m committed to protecting your privacy and creating an awesome, welcoming community. You can find our Privacy Policy here.
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Carolon Donnally

"Burnout is not just a catch phrase, its a part of my journey too."


I learned about burnout the hard way after taking a new position at a job I loved. Long story short... I went from a top performer, with promotion after promotion to barely able to concentrate at work.  I  was emotionally and physically exhausted.  I came face to face with perhaps one of the worst seasons of my life. I eventually left that job, but it took 9 months to recover.  This experience birthed the desire to make it so that burnout does not have to be a part of the journey for individuals, leaders, and organizations. Over the last 20 years, I have honed my skills in organization effectiveness, leadership development, leadership facilitation, leadership coaching, change management, and consulting. I, like you, am not interested in fads that don’t work.  I need research based, practical approaches that really help with burnout.  That’s why I created the Self Compassion Challenge. It's the first step for building a burnout-proof life.  So, if you are really serious about beginning the journey to burnout resistance, join me for the challenge.  Can’t wait to be in community with you.  

- Carolon

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Let the burnout resistance journey begin with a little more self-compassion.

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