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Organizational Consulting

 You are the expert on your organization. We are the experts on the consulting process.

Together we make an amazing team. 

Organizations have a significant role to play in creating an environment where great work gets done without burnout.   With high attrition and the cost of replacing talent, burnout is one of the challenges organizations need to pay attention to. This challenge must be addressed strategically and systematically to understand how burnout might be showing up in your organization and to get to find viable solutions. We believe that you are the expert on your organization.  My job as a consultant is to partner with you to bring the challenges and solutions to light, implement the best ideas, and learn with you about what is needed next to help you do great work without burnout.

 Approach to Organizational Consulting



We start by talking about what your burnout resistance goals are. What are the challenges that you hope to address? We also discuss how we will work together collaboratively to meet those goals. Both how we work together and what we work together on are important.



We work with you to understand the current challenges from multiple perspectives. We interview your people and conduct surveys to better understand the strengths and challenges of your organization. This helps us get a full picture of what is working well and what needs to be adjusted to help you meet your organizational goals.


Findings & Decision Making

Present anonymous organizational insights gathered through our rigorous fact-finding and analysis while also presenting recommendations for moving forward. We work with you to determine the next steps for addressing burnout in your organization.



We work with you to implement the solutions that make sense for your organization and address the overarching goals for addressing burnout that was agreed upon in the contacting phase.


Measure and Evaluate

We create measures and metricizes to ensure that we are learning what is working and what is not working from the implementation.  We use these measures to decide what adjustments need to be made and what successes need to be celebrated. 

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